Dido Cemetery

12341 Morris Dido Newark Road
Fort Worth, Texas 76179

A recognized historical site and the final resting place for some of the earliest pioneer families of Tarrant County


Dido Cemetery is a non-smoking area


Dido Cemetery

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Burial Policies

Dido Cemetery Association maintains ownership of its land regardless of conventional  or cremains burials. 

Dido Cemetery Association must be contacted prior to any interments. 

Due to limited space, first priority is given to close relatives of those already interred in Dido.

Licensed funeral directors must be present for all conventional burials (optional for cremation burials).

Conventional lot purchasers have the right to bury one person only.  Cremains may be buried on top of a conventional burial only with the following:

  * permission from the original purchaser (or an authorized heir)
  * payment of $700 (cremains plus burial fee)
  * vital information - name, date of birth and date of death - provided

Permanent tombstones are required within four months of burial.  Conventional burial tombstones can be flat or upright.  Cremains burial tombstones must be flat.

Prices (as of May 2012)

Conventional Burial (4' x 10' lot) - $1,250
Double Deep (2 burials in same space) - $1,875
Cremains Burials (in Urn Garden or existing grave) - $600
Cremains Burials (2 cremains in one Urn Garden space) - $900
Burial Fee (all burials) - $100
Dirt Removal Fee (conventional burials) - $150

For questions, information on lot sales, or interment arrangements,
please call Teresa Stewart at 817-312-3816 or email her at godsblueskies@sbcglobal.net.

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