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    The Fuller-Ruwaldt Family

(Allison Johnson  and Kerri Menchaca  recently placed their mother’s headstone at Dido Cemetery. )
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We are very proud of the headstone because we specifically designed it for all three family members. Our mother is buried with our grandparents, Dan Paul Fuller, a Navy veteran, and Mary Lenore Ruwaldt.

The stone is a lovely bluish purple granite. All three of them enjoyed sailing and spending time on Eagle Mountain Lake. They were members of the Fort Worth Boat Club for many years.  Kerri is an established artist and drew the flowers and the sailboat for the headstone.  We placed a sailboat near our grandparents as a reminder of the summers spent on the lake. The flowers we used were lilies, which were our mom’s favorite; tulips, which our grandparents grew in their own gardens; and finally roses, which grew in both of their gardens. Next to our grandfather’s name is the Navy insignia.

We are very pleased with the headstone and want to thank everyone at the Association for their support during this process. Our mother always wanted to be in the Dido Cemetery because of its high standards, location and beauty.

Thank you --- Allison Johnson and Kerri Menchaca (July 2012)

Fuller-Ruwaldt Headstone